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KRADKraftrad (motorcycle)
KRADK Rapid Acoustic Dialer (Linux tone dialer)
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Estos resultados indican que la aplicacion de 8 o 10 krad de radiacion gamma, determino la mayor variacion genetica en los microbulbos, mientras que con 6 krad o en el testigo dicha variacion fue menor.
Mohammed] Krad approached me and said he had decided to put a mosque in Orland Park because of the growing needs of the community to find a place to worship.
The processor has been tested for space conditions previously [23] and was considered to be suitable for the requirements of this mission (total ionizing dose received would be less than 6 kRad [22]).
Mustafa Krad slammed five and Accambray netted four.
Attributes including Single Event Effects (SEE) immunity to a Linear Energy Transfer (LET) greater than 90 MeV*cm2/mg and radiation hardness of greater than 100 KRad (total dose tolerance) make the UltraCMOS POL DC-DC buck regulators well-suited for space, defense and commercial/industrial applications such as space systems, military radios, radar, engine control module (ECM), down hole drilling and other high-reliability systems.
Contract notice: Delivery of vehicles krad, pkw, trapo, lkw, kom .
It added that a force of the second regiment in the brigade (55) managed to find two caches including (10 liters of C4 material, and explosive materials for the manufacturing of improvised explosive devices) in the areas of (Al-Karaghoul, and Krad Zuba') south of Baghdad, and the security forces dismantled two explosive devices in the regions (Al-Khakara, and Heramcha) south of Baghdad.
Key features include 18 V to 40 V input range, total ionization dose (TID) of over 100 krad (Si), single event effect (SEE) (Heavy Ions) with rated LET greater than 82 MeV.
The MOSFETs are rated at 100 krad (Si) total ionizing dose (TID) with 300 krad (Si) TID rating also available.
It kept Al Zamalek's main scorers at bay through the solid central defensive cordon laid by Wissem Hmam, William Accambray and Mustafa Krad.
These converters feature high radiation immunity, 100 krad (Si) minimum total ionizing dose (TID) and single event effect (SEE) with LET (linear energy transfer) of greater than 80 MeV-mg-c[m.
With Nikola Karabatic, William Accambray and Mustafa Krad scoring, Al Sadd maintained a slight edge.