KRAGKirkby Residents' Action Group (Liverpool, UK)
KRAGKent Reptile and Amphibian Group (Kent Trust for Nature Conservation; Kent, England, UK)
KRAGK-Ras Oncogene-Associated Gene
KRAGKommitee Revu Awt Gelaen (art appreciation group; Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands)
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38 pistols, were ordered, and the Colt 1902 Military Model, Roth-Sauer, Luger, Dreyse and designs from Fidejeland, Krag, and other Norwegians were evaluated.
The Krag was developed at the Norwegian state arsenal, Kongsberg Vapenfabrikks, by Colonel Ole Johannes Krag, the director, and the chief armorer Erik Jorgensen.
The collection Seks Sange til tekster af Vilhelm Krag is musically challenging as a whole, and the poems are quite long.
Though ushered by the merciless Krag, Democracy was immortalized in splendid architectural monuments of steel and concrete.
30-40 Krag cartridge turned out to be the first smokeless powder sporting round in America, superseding the .
Krag says fragments from a satellite came down in 2011 over the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic, but no pieces were ever found.
Die Versindaba-bundels is nou al gevestig as 'n instelling in die Afrikaanse literere diskoers en verskyn voortaan onder die vaandel van die US Woordfees, wat van krag tot krag gaan.
This has been demonstrated in previous in vitro studies (Gill et al 1987, Krag et al 1987, Seroussi et al 1989, Shah et al 1978), which have demonstrated posterior migration of the nucleus with flexion motion and anterior migration with extension.
John Fleming, of KRAG, said: "Before they draw up plans, let's talk.
Olson, Ring Announcer James Krag Joe Jabroni, Billy Heartland, Old Glory Christian Litke
Sowel Cherish as Silas gee nie moed op nie en ten spyte van vele terugslae kry hulle krag van Bo en kom uiteindelik by mekaar uit.
Can I fit a 1903-A3 or an 1898 30/40 Krag rifle to a Remington 700 stock?