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KRAPKomunikasi Radio Antar (Indonesian: Radio Communication Inter)
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La mera amenaza de intervencion regulatoria puede prevenir beneficios excesivos en los operadores dominantes (Blum, Growitsch y Krap, 2007), pero tambien impactar negativamente las decisiones de inversion.
Especies de thrips (Thysanoptera) asociadas a las coberturas de Arachis pintoi (Krap. y Greg.) y maleza, en el cultivo de limon persa Citrus latifolia (Tan.), en Martinez de la Torre, Veracruz.
thurpa Urocarpidium echinatum (Presl) Krap. q'ora Myrtaceae Eucalyptus globulus Lab.
Rejecting class-based definitions of art, along with attendant notions of skill and quality, mail art can appear naive and disposable; even its most dedicated practitioners complained of the proliferation of "quick-kopy krap" and "junk mail." However, the crudely collaged and rubber-stamped surfaces of mail-art ephemera, scrawled with stream-of-consciousness poetry and puns, represented a serious attempt to detourne both the visual forms and the socioeconomic structure of mainstream communication media.
Simpson, Acantholippia deserticola, Adesmia atacamensis Phil., Lycopersicon chilense Dunal, Tarasa operculata (Cav.) Krap. y especies suculentas del genero Cistanthe.
And so "Kricket Krap" became a bestseller, disseminating the poop of some two billion crickets annually through stores and mail order houses.
He is also a stand-up comedian, sometimes doing character stand-up - he won a prize at the Hackney Empire with his Bob Van Krap.
"So if our hypothetical station (let's call it KBIG) decides to sell itself outright to a chain (let's call it KRAP), it can.
If any of you want to come ahead and tell me I'm full of KRAP then I dare you.
Piouk and Krap are obvious prototypes for other Beckett figures - most obviously, the spool-spinning Krapp of Krapp's Last Tape - and there are flashes of frivolity that feel more like Ionesco or Adamov than Beckett in full flower.