KREPKenya Rural Enterprise Programme (est. 1984; various organizations)
KREPKnowledge Representation
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An additional criticism is illustrated by the contradiction posed by the author who at one point argues that there has been much literature in the 1980s as indicated by the KREP annotation, yet much of the work he cites is by "expatriate authors" and very little by indigenous authors.
In the model of Kreps and Wilson the specification of the weak incumbent's payoffs reduces the third part of the game to only the last move of the incumbent.
This defines the difference between "strict preference" and "weak preference" (Kreps, 1990, pp.
Consistent with Kreps and Wilson, multiple-period shareholders establish a reputation earned through relationships with previous managers.
When such studies are implemented within a broad social problems perspective (Kreps and Drabek, 1996), the shifting levels of risk toward the most vulnerable people throughout the planet will be recognized more explicitly so that short-term actions can be implemented that will save lives and reduce trauma.
David Kreps and Robert Wilson, "Reputation and Imperfect Information," Journal of Economic Theory 27 (1982): 253-279.
Here's an example of how the deal works: Kreps has provided her local calendar for posting on Disney's Web site,
In addition, it is necessary in the theory by Kreps et al.
Following Rasmusen [1989] and Kreps [1990a; 1990b], Figure 1 shows one possible parameterization for the repair person-buyer, high quality-low quality problem described above.
2 For a word of caution against selection of equilibria on the basis of some formal criterion, see Kreps (1990).
Kreps's Game Theory and Economic Modelling(117) offers an honest, critical account of the field, with both fond praise for its accomplishments and unflinching attention to its shortcomings.
The third woman to join the Bush cabinet (Juanita Kreps was the first woman to be secretary of the Commerce Department), Franklin has not been idle.