KRHThe King's Royal Hussars (a British Regiment)
KRHKuwait Reconstruction House
KRHKalgoorlie Regional Hospital (Australia)
KRHKrebs-Ringers Henseleit (solution)
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Briefly, after reactivation step, synaptosomes were pelleted as described before, resuspended in 300 [micro]l 1: 1 mixture using KRH and calcium sensitive cell-permeating fluorophore Fluo-4 (Fluo-4 Direct[TM] Calcium Assay, Life Technologies).
Glucose uptake was determined by the addition of START 10X buffer (1 [micro]Ci of 2-deoxi-D-[2, [6-.sup.3]H)-glucose in KRH buffer).
Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078 (KRH, SDF)
The King's Royal Hussars (KRH), the UK's lead armoured battle group, operated 20 Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks and conducted live battlefield scenarios alongside its Polish counterparts.
where [k.sub.ra] and krh ([k.sub.[theta]0] and [k.sub.[theta]1]) are translational spring constants, and [K.sub.ra] and [K.sub.rb] ([k.sub.[theta]0] and [k.sub.[theta]i]) are the rotational spring constants at r = a and b ([theta] = 0 and [phi]), respectively.
The tissues were transported from the operating room to the laboratory in sterile KRH buffer with penicillin (100U/mL) and streptomycin (100 [micro]g/mL).
A portion of each fresh tissue sample was digested with type I collagenase in Krebs-Ringer-Henseleit (KRH) buffer according to a modified version of the Rodbell method [34].
KRH LLC, 505-A Grant Road, East Wenatchee; cost not listed for Papa Murphy's sign.
(8.) Shivabasavaiah KRH, Pavana T, Ramyashree M, Ramya MC, Manjunath R.
PFE Rolls, formerly KRH Rolls and previously a division of Penna-Flex Roller Technology, specializes in engineering and manufacturing rolls used in the paper, plastic, chemical converting and food industries.
The best approximation to the probability of positive response to the first item KRH (RH> = 44) was selected from the class of two parabolas segments functions (6), where a = 0.53, b = 0.75.
Thus he states in Aphorisms of the Citizen that there is a just war (harb) that will "bring and force (wa-yastakrihu) people to what is best and most fortunate for themselves apart from others, when they do not know it of themselves and do not submit to those who know it and invite them to it." (57) The verb "to force" (yastakrihu) here is from the same root (krh) used in Attainment of Happiness to describe the ethical formation of the unwilling "by compulsion" (kurhan), and hence the prince must have "the most powerful skill for forming their character by compulsion" (kurhan).