KRIGKlub Rollespil I Gladsaxe (Dutch: Gladsaxe Roleplaying Club)
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For the deficiency in sample size discussed earlier, this krig image was created to investigate the geographic trends within the data; however, no additional analysis was conducted.
Logica espacial: eventos de integracao local e regional; empoderamento das agencias missionarias; intercambio pontual com missionarios undergrounds da America Latina; turnes de bandas "famosas" (Saint Spirit, Antidemon, Krig); refluxo do proselitismo de "rua" e mais agenciamentos no interior dos grupos (reunioes de confraternizacao, encontros rituais, festivais anuais); uso intenso do ciberespaco e das novas tecnologias; fechamento identitario de alguns grupos, abertura "estrategica" de outros conforme o contexto e recursos financeiros.
Hellre karlek an krig. Raben & Sjogren; Stockholm, 1991.
The series' narrative returned Harry Pearce (Peter Firth), the boss of Section D, to his murky past in the 1980s, in which he recruited the wife of a Soviet politician, Elena Gavrik (Alice Krig) (who was also Harry's mistress) as a spy.
Holly Krig is taking the lunch hour from her organizing job with the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs to help the Ortiz family fend off foreclosure.
Noam Krig, a 29-year old graduate of Texas State University living in Austin, says he wants his @weRaustin Twitter account - 4,394 followers strong - to grow into "the Craigslist of Twitter in Austin." Democratic blogger Phillip Martin describes it differently: as "Astroturf," the slur that inside-baseballers use to describe phony grassroots campaigns generated by self-interested insiders.
An earlier version of the article has been published in Swedish: Ville Kivimaki and Tuo mas Tepora, "For krig och karlek: Kollektiv anknytning och karlek som (des)integrerande faktorer i Finland under andra varldsriget," Historisk tidskrift 28 (2008): 3, pp.
De multinational danske entreprenorfirmaer i krise og krig 1917-1947 [They enlarged Denmark ...
Other notable new films with a political message include Christoffer Guldbrandsen's Den hemmelige krig (2006; The secret war), which documents a politically inspired handover by Danish soldiers of captured Afghans to the Americans (the prisoners were allegedly tortured in the Kandahar camp), and Eva Mulvad's Vores lykkes fjender (2006; Enemies of happiness), about a young Afghan woman and her political fight to change the future for women.
(14.) Torsten Gihl, Sverige och vastmakterna under Karl X Gustafs andra krig reed Danmark (Uppsala: K.M.
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