KRISPKansas Reflection-Impulsivity Scale for Preschoolers (behavioral science)
KRISPKingston and Region Injury Surveillance Program (Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program)
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Studies elsewhere suggest the placement of wildlife signage often varies locally, can be haphazard and consequently suboptimal (Krisp and Durot 2007; Spencer et al.
To create a look similar to newly-engaged Keira's, try pairing this black and cream panel skirt, pounds 16.99, from Krisp, with a basic black scoop neck vest like this one, pounds 2.99, from Internacionale.
>> Crackers - Ryvita and Slim Krisp are good.
The Kansas Reflection-Impulsivity Scale for Preschoolers (KRISP; Wright, 1971) was given as a "cognitive task." Similar to the matching-familiar-figures task, the KRISP can be classified as a response-initiation task.
Ben opened the box of Nutty Krisp. "I can fix the cereal for Papa," he said.
So far I've got John Terry's All Gold, Cocoa Mizuno, Marc Over-Mars, Toffee Krisp Boyd, Kevin "Crunchie" McAllister, Don McSnicker and Christian Dairy Milk.
La tasa neta de reproduccion ([R.sub.0]) y la tasa intrinseca de crecimiento ([r.sub.m]) son indicadores importantes de las dinamicas poblacionales de los tetraniquidos (Sabelis 1985; Krisp et al.
Kirkby Residents in Support of Progress (Krisp) headed by Mark Hagen and David Dodd have mustered significant support within the business community for the bid.
For example, according to the boxes, a serving of Original Triscuits has more sodium (180 mg) than a serving of Ry Krisp New York Deli Rye (140 mg).
KRISP FINISH: Gers manager Paul Le Guen congratulates scorer Kris Boyd
Castle Vale beat Cadbury Athletic 5-2 away with goals for Aaron Smith (2), Udal Spence, Christian Krisp and Craig Read.