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Very young learners may struggle to talk about the nature of gases, while some older students will recognise oxygen and carbon dioxide as gases but on questioning not be able to expand on their ideas (Krnel, Watson & Glazar [1998] and Wiser & Smith [2008] review research underpinning these findings).
The interaction of ideas about prototypes with properties of other substances (e.g., such as alcohol in the readily available material, methylated spirits) eventually may lead to the notion of 'substances', while the interaction of various actions with prototypes may lead to an appreciation of some physical and chemical processes, such as evaporation (Krnel, Glazar & Watson, 1998).
[12.] Mbaiguinam M, Mbayhoudel K and C Djekota Physical and chemical characteristics of fruits, pulps, krnels and butter of Butyrospermum parkii (sapotaceae) from Mandoul, Southern Chad.