KRRKernel Ridge Regression
KRRKarur (India)
KRRKenny Rogers Roasters (restaurant chain)
KRRKrasnodar, Russia - Krasnodar (Airport Code)
KRRKansai Rapid Railway Co., Ltd. (Japan)
KRRKirby's Rainbow Resort (website)
KRRKey Rack Research
KRRKansai Research Reactor
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Nemeroff CB, Krishnan KRR, Reed D: Adrenal gland enlargement in major depression: A computed tomography study.
Kawasaki will come up with Ninja KRR a sport type produced in Thailand to meet Honda NSR and Yamaha TZM in competition.
Subsequent analyses were conducted to catalog the additional KRR challenges in each domain that will be discussed later.
As mentioned earlier, we have performed analyses of the KRR requirements of AP exams for our scientific domains and have identified several areas where we need improvement.
Abduction, abstraction, analogy, and uncertainty: these well-known KRR challenges are present here as well.
plans to continue pursuing the vision of the Digital Aristotle by: (1) scaling-up AURA's current capabilities to handle a full textbook in biology, while simultaneously (2) conducting advanced research on the remaining KRR challenges.
Also in parallel, Vulcan will continue to explore solutions to the hard KRR challenges we listed.
Kawasaki came up with its Ninja KRR, a sport motorcycle from Thailand designed to compete in the market against Honda NSR and Yamaha TZM.
Tenders are invited for Renewal of BT Surface at Sengundhapuram 5th street and Restoration of BT Sueface KRR Thottam West street in ward no.