KRRNYKing's Royal Regiment of New York
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The first of the KRRNY men was William Wood UE, who served in the regiment as a very young man.
The second KRRNY man was Heinrich (Henry) Gallinger UE, part of a large Loyalist family who served the Crown during the Revolution.
got statements from various persons to show that his father was a soldier in Captain Samuel Anderson's company in the KRRNY. Adam F.
(42) The family of Adam Cline was also from Johnstown, New York, and Adam Cline was a private in the KRRNY as well who drew land close to the Ruperts in Osnabruck.
Adam Mattice, born in 1768, who was a drummer in the KRRNY, was a son of Nicholas Mattice and Sophia Ingold.
[Major Commandant James] Gray apprised [Major/ Adjutant General Richard] Lernoult of the fact that 1st Battalion, KRRNY Ensign, Thomas Smyth, would be sent with the forty Yorkers marching to St.
On June 4, a regimental court martial sat at Montreal to review a number of charges laid against Second Lieutenant John Thomas Prenties of the Grenadier Company, 1st Battalion, KRRNY. In part, these read:
The Keynote speaker for the evening was Sgt Major David Moore, an historian and re-enactor with the KRRNY, who entertained the crowd with some interesting and humorous anecdotes about some characters of the American Revolution and his own experiences in re-enactments.
and John Link (both KRRNY); New Brunswick--Peter Parlee (New Jersey Volunteers), Anna Lydecker and Joseph Folkins.
Shaun Wallace gave an excellent presentation of the KRRNY at our summer picnic and links to the Crysler's Farm Battlefield re-enactor weekend.
Thunder-on-the-Reach -- August 30,31 -- for a number of years we have been trying to get the KRRNY and the Northern Brigade to return to Adolphustown to practice their craft.
You may read The Flockey in one sitting if you have sufficient time, (and I heard that a KRRNY reenactor at Black Creek Pioneer Village stayed up part of the night, to finish the book.) As for Rebellion In The Mohawk Valley, its length and the weight detail demand more time, but it is worth it.