KRRSKarnataka Rajya Ryota Sangha (Indian: Karnataka State Farmer's Association; Karnatak, India)
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November 20: Indian newspapers reported that the Karnataka State Farmers Association (KRRS) had issued a deadline to the State Government and Monsanto to disclose the places where the trials were being conducted and the exact description of the GE cotton seeds that were being tested.
Monsanto's field trials in Karnataka will be reduced to ashes, starting on Saturday...KRRS activists have already contacted the owners of these fields, to explain to them, which action will be taken, and for what reasons, and to let them know that the KRRS will cover any losses they will suffer.
Nanjundaswamy, president of KRRS (a Gandhian movement of 10 million farmers in the Southern Indian state of Karnataka), uprooted together the first plant of genetically modified cotton, inviting the rest of the local peasants to do the same.
It is being convened by a committee formed by some of the most representative peoples' movements of all continents, including peasant movements (like the Brazilian Movimento Sem Terra, the Indian KRRS and the Peasant Movement of the Philippines), indigenous peoples (like the Mexican Zapatistas, the Nigerian Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, the Indigenous Women's Network of North America and the Pacific and FIA, a Maori organisation from Aotearoa), unions (like the Central Sandinista de Trabajadores from Nicaragua) and women's organisations (like Mama 86, an organisation of Ukranian women affected by the Chernobyl disaster, and the above mentioned Indigenous Women's Network).
Nanjundaswamy, president of the farmers association KRRS, Ch.Rishi Pal Ambavata, president of the Yuva BKU, Swami Dayandand, convenor of the national movement against meat exports, other leaders of the farmers' movements and myself.
Bulemi, who joined Rugby Referees Society of Kenya (KRRS) in 1992, went on to serve as the society's secretary and chairman besides referees' administrator at Kenya Rugby Union.
KRRS chairman John Karimi paid tribute to Bulemi as one of the pioneer rugby referees, who dedicated his time and resources to the game.
"Bulemi was amiable and would never use shortcuts to handle situations."Karimi said that it's no wonder that KRRS honoured him with a Life Time Award in 2016 for his exemplary work for the game.
Promoting highly processed "junk food" in a poor country with widespread malnutrition is unethical, charges the Karnataka State Farmers Association (known by the local initials KRRS).
In 1992 and 1993, protesting multinational corporate control over seed patents, KRRS militants ransacked a Cargill office in Bangalore, burning the seed company's documents in the streets, and destroyed part of a Cargill office in the town of Bellary, 300 kilometers outside of Bangalore [see "Indian Farmers Attack Cargill Seed Plant," Multinational Monitor, September 1993].