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KRS-ONEKnowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone
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But I wouldn't call up Talib Kweli to record a song about gang violence in L.A., and I wouldn't call up KRS-ONE to drop a verse on a love ballad.
unfortunately collaborated with New York rapper KRS-ONE of Boogie Down Productions fame on "Radio Song," it was abundantly clear to even the most diehard fans of the band's early work that R.E.M.
Knowledge reigns supreme; the critical pedagogy of hiphop artist KRS-One.
Most recently, Logan counted legendary rap artist KRS-One, known for political and socially conscious lyrics in the 1980s and '90s with Boogie Down Productions, as one of his favorites.
Rappers from KRS-One to Mos Def have followed in the path he
Growing up listening to acts like Public Enemy and KRS-One during hip hop's socially conscious golden age, his next step naturally was to combine his love of hip hop with his desire for justice.
Conscious hip-hop pioneer KRS-ONE guests on "Peace." KRS-ONE has been a mentor to many MCs, including those in Animal Farm, which has opened for him several times.
The body of Randy Hubbard Parker, aged 23, the son of KRS-One (above), was found in his apartment in Atlanta last Friday.
In early years, "back in tha day," this stylized depiction of life's meaning was rapped in the grab and poetry of Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, KRS-One, Public Enemy, and others who looked at the world and expressed it in "black." Rap music has changed since those days, when I first began listening to it.
Back in the day, Cricket also opened for mainstream recording artists like KRS-One, Deee-Lite, and Will Smith.
Raushenbush includes quotes from celebrities, including African American rappers Ja Rule and KRS-One, and basketball great Hakeem Olajuwon, making the book appealing to a variety of teens.
They conceived a project that would include a benefit record, video, book and a rally around the theme "Stop The Violence," the title of KRS-One's ode to his fallen partner, Scott La Rock.