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KRTAKentucky Retired Teachers Association (est. 1957)
KRTAKatherine Region Tourist Association (Australia)
KRTAKorean Radiological Technologists Association
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The happiest age is Krta Yuga (which possibly means, 'accomplished age') with people enjoying long life, peaceful conditions and a high standard of spirituality.
There were certain expressions like, mujhe zindgi me kisi chees ki kami mehsoos hoti he [I feel, there is something missing in my life]; mujhe apna ap uljha hua mehsoos hota he [I feel confused]; mujhe choti choti cheezo k live pachtawa hota he [I regret even for the smallest mistakes]; mujhe lagta he k mjhe koe nahe samjhta [I feel as if no one understands me]; mujhe apna ap thukraya hua lgta he [I feel rejected]; and apne ap ko nochne ko dil krta he [I feel like scratching/hurting myself].
(19) Salomon 1982: 65-67; the era is provably traceable to the krta year 282 = AD 225/6.
The first Yuga, which is Krta, lasts for four thousand years with four hundred years of twilight preceding and following it.
Sesa yutasca krta ambaragni 304 sri manadevbda pryujyamana etani
This prediction, Tavener says, reflects our own time and the complete loss of moral bearings among those who lead us; but he also speaks of the ending of the iron age, as promised in the Bhagavad Gita, looking toward the Krta Yuga, the golden age, in which righteousness will come again and the world will be at peace.
Mahakavi Govindadasa Jha krta srmgarabhajana Gitavali, Darbhanga: Maithili Sahityapatra Karyalaya.