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Analyses of the six KRT genes diversity in CMXT sheep
Using the PopGene software (version 3.2) and the Botstein method, the population genetic indices (Ho, He, Ne, and PIC) of six KRT genes were estimated and are shown in Table 2.
We analyzed the associations of 17 primer fragments in six KRT genes with wool traits in CMXT (n = 418).
In recent years, there have been a few domestic studies on sheep and goat KRT genes, and more reports on the cloning and expression of these genes.
There have been several studies on polymorphisms in the KAP gene family and their association with wool traits in sheep and goat, and a few studies related to polymorphisms in the KRT gene family and their association with wool traits in sheep.
Current KRTS participant Miss Lim Bing-ok (23, China) said she realized the true worth of visiting Korea farm villages through the program.
Check out the official YouTube channel of KRTS for the videos of the field trips if you wish to feel the beauty of Korea agricultural villages(
Several KRTs were identified in our study as having an association with clinical outcome.
Interestingly, 2 other KRTs, Krt16 and Krt6A or B, are also coregulated as part of an obligatory acidic/basic heteropolymer.
The largest related group of proteins consisted of members of the keratin (KRT) family, specifically KRT 5, 8, 14, and 16 and one or more members of the KRT 6 family.
KRT provides metallurgical and thermal coal blending and handling terminal services and has a collective capacity to blend and transload over 30m tonnes of coal annually, the company said.
Traxys is a financing, marketing, distribution and trading company and this acquisition is the second in 2013, the first being Lakeshore Coal Handling Corporation that closed on 30 August 2013, the company said that also that it will maintain KRT's current operations and retain its existing staff.