KS2Key Stage 2
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In a blog on the school's website, Hill West's Head Teacher Dr Beth Clarke said: "During the course of the last academic year it became increasingly apparent that our KS2 building had come to the end of its natural life.
For pupils eligible for free school meals, the evaluation estimates that they are nearly 30% less likely to achieve Level 4 or above in KS2 English than other pupils.
When Brown inherited Blair's job he stated his ambition for our 11-year-olds was to be on a par with children in India and China in maths, English and science so even he was concerned with the state of education provision at KS2.
KS1 is ages five to seven, KS2, seven to 11, KS3, 11-14 and KS4, 14-16.
But the Department for Education and Skills last night said it had no plans to introduce a similar system at KS2 and KS3.
The planning was conducted in co-operation with the The Ministry of Finance~s quality assurance system for large public investment projects (KS1 and KS2, see
They also decided to provide an iPad to every KS2 student, so got in touch with creative IT provider Jigsaw24 for the devices and support they would need.
In the past year, a KS2 classroom has been decommissioned and turned into a resource room and the library has been turned into a classroom - at a cost to the school.
Stretton Academy, in Stretton Avenue, was recognised as being the most improved school in the area in 2014 after KS2 SAT results were released.
The KS2 assessments look at reading, writing and maths to see how many reach the expected Level 4 standard.
We were named in the top 100 state primary schools out of the whole of Britain based on KS2 data.