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KSACKansas State Agricultural College (Manhattan, Kansas)
KSACKingston and St. Andrew Corporation (Jamaica)
KSACKent Street Activity Centre (Canada)
KSACKeystone Shortway Athletic Conference
KSACKorean Studies Advancement Center (Seoul, South Korea)
KSACKnowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Competencies (job candidate evaluation points)
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In 1934, he was made deputy-mayor and in 1937 contested the KSAC elections on a ticket of the Kingston and St.
Andrew Parochial Board and the KSAC fully supported him in these efforts, which had varied success.
In March 1934, he even accused the white matron of the Jubilee of racial discrimination, when he stated in a KSAC meeting that it was not surprising that she turned away so many women because "they were only black people.
34) The next day the advert was discussed in a KSAC meeting because the council thought it likely that the health officer asked for was the long-promised assistant officer for its public health department.
He ran this election, like the 1937 KSAC election, on a ticket of the Kingston and St.
Andrew Parochial Board, the KSAC, and Legislative Council were concerned about the interests of the small number of people in their constituencies who had voted them in, he was a "staunch defender" of the disenfranchised masses.
67) Because of them Anderson was able to visit hospitals, community centers and various other institutions that provided him with ideas not only for his medical practice but also his work on the KSAC and Legislative Council.
Andrew Parochial Board, the KSAC and the Legislative Council are more comprehensive than the official minutes.
Please bear in mind that the KSAC cannot insure goods that are not our own, so the owners of those goods have to insure them," she said.
She explained that in the past, the KSAC had insurance for the vendors, but it was abandoned because individuals did not pay into the scheme.
She also noted that the KSAC is looking at the factors that put the market at risk for fires, in a bid to reduce the occurrence.
On September 3, the KSAC and TAJ partnered in a bid to increase the collection of trade licence fees from the current $10 million per year to $75 million.