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Andrew Parochial Board, the KSAC, and the Legislative Council and Anderson's election and other speeches published in the Gleaner, Jamaica's biggest-selling newspaper at the time.
Andrew Parochial Board and the Kingston City Council in 1923 a "retrograde step"--the new body had fewer elected members than the two boards combined--he refused to stand in the first election for the KSAC. In 1931, however, he agreed to be co-opted onto the body as alderman.
Raman et al., "KSAC, the first defined polyprotein vaccine candidate for visceral leishmaniasis," Clinical and Vaccine Immunology, vol.
The power transferred was Section 5 (3) and section 8 (3) of the Local Improvement Act, which formerly entitled the Kingston and Saint Andrew Corporation (KSAC) the right to sign the specification granting the permit for water and sewage for any development within its jurisdiction.
In effect, the PNP had taken control of 13 of the 14 Parish Councils, plus the pivotal KSAC.
The meetings were soured by the rancour, and attendance fell away, in part because the SDC were expecting PDAC to buy into the Parish Development Committee structure, and devote time to what seemed a distant and probably ineffective advisory body to the KSAC. The parish councillors were equally distant and neither them nor the MPs attended meetings other than very occasionally.
The first view sees competency as a set of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSACs), while the second view defines it as an aggregation of the above, which plays a vital role in practice (Hayton & McEvoy, 2006).