KSAFK-band, Single Access Forward
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You now have two legs: KSAF to KFSM, and then KFSM to KTBR.
Departing KSAF on the direct route, there's high terrain right away.
If you fly the DP to TAFOY, it takes you south of that and is an orderly way to depart KSAF. The remainder of the route is clear, but it's good to have the cannulas handy.
I'm based in Santa Fe, NM, KSAF. So, that's my starting and ending point.
My flight plan now has KSAF SAF, which is the active leg, then the fixes on the approach starting with HEGMI.
This'll be my third approach in a row at KSAF. I nail it this time, so once I'm on the missed and back to KARSE I can load that next approach.