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KSAMKeyed Sequential Access Method
KSAMKingston Smith Association Management (UK)
KSAMKuwaiti-Slovak Archaeological Mission (est. 2004; joint Kuwaiti-Slovak research project; Failaka, Kuwait)
KSAMKnowledge Services for Arts Management (UK)
KSAMKey Sequential Access Method
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The day after Ksam Azzad died, another toddler plays by Victoria Park pool and (right) Ksam Azzad' The family of Ksam Azzad.
AVS 10.9.19-23 (= AVP 16.137.9-10, 138.1-3) 19 yau te bahu ye dosani yav amsau ya ca te kakut/ am(ksam durhratam datre ksiam sarpfr atho madhu// 20 yds te griva ye skandha yah prstir yas ca parsavah/ amiksam, etc.