KSAOKnowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other characteristics
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However, CAT is not used by either classroom teachers who make up and administrate their own tests (Frick, 1992) or by business organizations in their daily KSAO's routines.
In order to promote the various benefits of adaptive testing in classroom and business daily KSAO routines, we proposed an SPRT-based CAT approach that would not only avoid the tedious pre-test procedure for maintaining the item pool but also produce a more distinguishable level of the examinee's ability instead of a pass-or-fail decision.
Consequently, we are confident that the proposed approach can effectively evaluate the student or employee KSAO's appropriately while meeting various assessments needs flexibly under a small-scale scenario.
Recruitment and selection are extremely important for e-business in order to find the people who can provide the needed KSAO's.
However, in other respects it can be conceptualised as a task requiring certain knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAOs).
By determining the factors critical to good performance of the particular job and assessing the knowledge, skills, abilities and other attributes (KSAOs) of both excellent and poor performers, predictive criteria are determined.
A systematic application to foster care of the approach outlined above would require: (i) a description encompassing both the tasks and the necessary KSAOs; (ii) research to identify the critical factors in excellent and poor performance as a foster carer; and (iii) research with foster carers to identify the predictors of these critical factors.