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KSATKongsberg Satellite Services (Norway)
KSATKnowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Tools
KSATKiller Satellite (video games\)
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In other words, he's not against the wall," Gallego quickly added before the moderator, KSAT anchor Steve Spriester, moved on.
Thus, the main purposes of the present study was to determine: a) the relationship between KSAT's time to exhaustion (TE) and parameters of aerobic fitness measured through the continuous treadmill laboratory test and b) the relationship between TE's KSAT and parameters of intermittent endurance measured through YoYoIRTL1 in a sample of high-level karatekas.
Since the KSAT system is an adaptive test, only one item per screen is presented.
The JV would help KSAT AG enter the small-car segment.
Professor Masanori Nishio, who leads the team, said it received radio signals from its KSAT satellite, dubbed Hayato, 17 times from about 9 p.
That same year, Steve Spriester, a news anchor for local ABC affiliate KSAT 12, did a 30-minute special on homelessness that caught the eye of business and civic leader Bill Greehey, former chair of Valero Energy.
A Compact Constant Head Permeameter (CCHP; and also known as an Amoozemeter; KSAT Inc.
Angela said that the offer was made after Charlotte's brave battle was shown on KSAT, the local television station.
The comments also can be newsworthy The station has pursued stories on issues like traffic safety that it learned about from KSAT Chat.
As of May 1998, Gilat holds a minority share in Global Village Telecom (GVT), which specializes in the operation of satellite-based rural telephony networks, and in KSAT, a joint venture with Singapore-based Keppel Communications, which is dedicated to providing satellite-based telecommunication services in China.