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KSBLKarvy Stock Broking Ltd. (Hyderabad, India)
KSBLKatholische Schule Bernhard Lichtenberg (German Catholic school)
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Solve local problems, iterate daily, hire the best talent, find strongest allies locally and always know your purpose,' said Sheikha to the students of KSBL who wish to launch their own startups.
At KSBL, we are always linking up with industry leaders and gurus, and collaborate with them for our Mentorship program, Career Counselling Sessions, Eminenet Speaker Series, Student Research Projects, Seminars etc.
KSBL has established itself as a world class institute for management.
He also highlighted that KSBL had an excellent Student Teacher ratio.
For example, the KSBL can gain substantially by adapting the curriculum of a top business school, such Judge Business School of Cambridge University or NUS Business School of the National University of Singapore.
An equally good but more inspiring session was 'Legal and Taxation Issues in the Current Islamic Banking Regime' moderated by Dr Zeeshan Ahmed, Associate Professor at KSBL.
KSBL has been set up in strategic collaboration with the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School to create transformational leaders and entrepreneurs and provide them with cutting-edge knowledge and skills, developed around the core values of ethics, integrity, merit and social responsibility.
The event was attended by faculty and students of 20 universities including IBA, KSBL, Sukkar IBA, COMSATS and others across Pakistan through video conferencing.
Sharing his experience as the chairman KSBL Fund raising committee, he said that whenever I approach people for raising fund, the response was positive in 95 percent cases that gives a feeling that people with resources are willing to contribute for the good of the society, if their confidence is not hurt by incompetent or inefficient people or projects, he remarked.
An official of the institution said here on Saturday that KSBL, a research-driven educational institution, welcomed its inaugural MBA Class at an orientation ceremony organized at its newly-commissioned campus.
Admission to KSBL is need-blind and offers enrolment based purely on merit irrespective of a candidate's financial standing.
KARACHI -- Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL) and National Foods Limited joined hands to further extend the scholarship program for the deserving students at KSBL.