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KSCIKansas Structural Composites, Inc. (Russell, KS)
KSCIKorean Science Citation Index
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It is notable that the other career stress variables (i.e., employment pressure, lacking information, and external conflict, as measured by the KSCI subscales of the same name) did not significantly mediate the relationship between maladaptive perfectionism and career attitude maturity.
The primarily application for KSCI bridges is the rapid replacement of damaged or destroyed shortspan (up to 12 m) road and highway bridges.
The KSCI bridge is manufactured in three interlocking panels, each 2.7-m wide, 7-m long, and about 3,150 kg.
2 the first show about Hollywood to target India's Bollywood film fans aired on Southern California's KSCI, targeting the Asian immigrant community in Los Angeles and San Diego.