KSCMKomunistické Strany Cech a Moravy (Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia)
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(6) In 2013, the hard-line Eurosceptics included the KSCM (33 seats) and the movement Usvit (14 seats).
We can also assume that the language of new regional movements and the Communist Party (KSCM) will be strict and uncompromising in the same manner, but with the only difference that it will address all parties regardless of their central/regional ruling distinction.
Gorz, one imagines, would probably have criticized the KSCM, SWP, and the CPGB for not fully absorbing the implications of Marx's Grundrisse, especially in regards to the nature and implications of technological change.
Within the Czech Parliament, the reform of the Council triggered a heated debate, as ODS and KSCM argued that the Treaty rendered this institution less effective than it had been before.
In particular, automotive applications such as engine blocks and cylinder heads can benefit from the KSCM AluMill system's design and performance.
KSCM officials said they are also pushing for the CFC to levy a fine equivalent to US$60 million against FERROMEX and FERROSUR for monopolistic practices taken in preparation for a possible merger, particularly Grupo Mexico's purchase of the shares that Grupo Carso and Inbursa held in FERROSUR.
Electoral Program of CPBM 1998 [Volebni program KSCM 1998] (http://www.kscm.cz/show.php?leve_menu/dokumenty/vp98.html).
The Communist Party of Moravia and Bohemia (KSCM), the largest of the communist parties, consistently registers support at about 10%.
On the far left, the most pro-Russian parties are Cyprus's AKEL, Germany's Die Linke, the Czech Republic's KSCM, Podemos in Spain, and Syriza [Greece].
Returning to March 2009, then 101 deputies standing behind the removal of Mirek Topolanek's Government (parliamentary groups of CSSD and KSCM, as well as MPs V.
These four political parties (CSSD, KDU-CSL, KSCM and ODS) used to be accompanied by rather small right-centre formations such as the Civic Democratic Alliance (ODA), Freedom Union (US), or the Green Party (Pseja Mares, 2005, Dimun, Hamersky, 1999, Mares, 1998, Fiala and Mares, 2005 b, Kopecek, 2010, Pecinka, 2005).