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KSCSKorean Society for Cognitive Science (South Korea)
KSCSKnee Society Clinical Score
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The KSCs at the Incheon Reception Center provide the first impression of Korea to arriving travelers.
Collectively, these studies demonstrated that Bcl-[x.sub.L] plays a role early in skin carcinogenesis through its antiapoptotic functions to enhance survival of keratinocytes, including bulge region KSCs, following DNA damage.
Tipologia unificada de los Conocimientos, Habilidades y Competencias (KSCs) Ocupacional Personales Conceptual Competencias cognitivas Meta-competencias Operacional Competencias Competencias sociales funcionales (actitudes y (habitos) comportamientos) Tabla 3.
Results have shown that all branches studied have strong identity based on linage geographical proximity of KSCS and common history.
In contrast, nucleic acid sequences of HPV are only rarely detected in KSC. Toki and collaborators[3] detected HPV in 74% and 100% of their basaloid and warty carcinomas, respectively, but in only 21% of the KSCs.
+ 0.4; 4.7-4.6-5.1, Cumulus Country pair with KSCS is 8.2-8.2-8.3.
In order to mitigate the risk, key skills and competences (KSCs) in danger need to be identified, prioritised and supported by an action plan.
In Kabkabiya Oxfam and their local partner the Kabkabiya Smallholders and Charitable Society (KSCS) brought nearly 1,500 people together to raise awareness about the importance of hand washing and good hygiene practices, particularly among children.
KMG sets the model for the E&P contracts and PSAs, including blocks on the Kazakh sector of the Caspian shelf (KSCS).
-- 0.1; 4.7-4.7-4.6, Cumulus Country monopoly with KSCS stays at 8.2, again.
Implementing Partners : KSCS and DDA in North Darfur, and NOCD, SRCS and PODR in South Darfur.