KSDAKorea Securities Dealers Association
KSDAKenya Socialist Democratic Alliance
KSDAKnoxville Swing Dance Association (Knoxville, TN)
KSDAKentucky Soft Drink Association (Frankfort, KY)
KSDAKirkland Seventh Day Adventist School (Kirkwood, WA)
KSDAKarnataka State Department of Agriculture (India)
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Permanent staff were first deployed by KSDA in 1992, with the start of UKITFMP, and in 2007, the National Park Authority became the coordinating body for the many initiatives in the park.
The first KSDA director helped the team work through the bureaucracy and avoid costly mistakes--such as calling the field center a building, which would have involved the Public Works Department (then a corrupt institution).
The second KSDA director was a bright young scientist who had had a series of run-ins with other international workers.
Park management infrastructure was developed by KSDA and UK-ITEMP, and a reserve management network has been in the area since 1992.
The Danau Sentarum Management Project of UK-ITFMP was implemented by the Indonesia Programme of the Asian Wetland Bureau (now Wetlands International--Asia Pacific), together with PKA and KSDA Sub-balai West Kalimantan.
Anon (1973) Jenis Satwa Dilindungi di Kalimantan Barat, Sub-Balai KSDA, Kalimatan Barat, 1973.