KSDEKansas State Department of Education
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Educational opportunities provided in the technical teacher education program include a CTE certificate, recognized by KSDE, to facilitate the transition from industry to education.
For the time period of award of contract through June 30, 2017, the contractor agrees to perform the following activities and/or develop the following products: A[cedilla] In consultation with KSDE Child Nutrition & Wellness staff who work on the grant-funded project, will conduct a content analysis to determine material that will be incorporated into the website.
While these online and hybridized opportunities aren't currently available for all Kansas students in all CTE pathways at this time, they are increasing in number and are fully supported by both KSDE (K-12 education) and the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR), which is responsible for postsecondary education.
By selecting the high-demand occupations that have an average state wage of 200 percent above the poverty rate, a list is compiled for KSDE, KBOR and partners to identify those occupations that have nationally recognized credentials attainable at the high school level.
While this funded list of certifications and credentials are covered under SB155, these are not the only industry-recognized opportunities supported by KSDE and KBOR.