KSEBKerala State Electricity Board (India)
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KSEB faced many a unique challenge to make this electricity-for-all initiative a reality.
Permission of the forest department was another challenge and where it was not forthcoming, KSEB had no choice but to take the power lines on a detour through private lands.
At some places where KSEB did bring electricity to the doorstep, people did not have the money (about Rs 2,000) to wire the house.
Any consumption above the quota would be charged at the actual cost at which the KSEB would buy power from expensive sources to make good the shortfall in power generation.
The KSEB would have to get the rates for the additional consumption approved by the KSERC before the fifth of each month, according to the order.
If the situation so demands, the KSERC might ask the KSEB to bring similar restriction for all categories of consumers after the review," the order said.