KSEBKerala State Electricity Board (India)
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Pillai said Rs4 billion was due to the KSEB from the government as the dues payable by the Kerala Water Authority, and that the KSEB would pay up the funds collected for the flood relief fund as soon as this money was received.
On its own, KSEB could not have connected these settlements for two reasons-investing that amount of money for supplying electricity to 63 families who come under the non-paying group (in Kerala power consumption up to 20 units every month is free) was just not feasible.
Similarly, KSEB could never have spent over Rs 1 crore to connect Vachchapati and Moolaganga settlements in Attapadi area, over 100 km north of Palakkad, housing 400 poor tribal families (who also come under the non-paying group) by drawing power lines for over 20 km.
KSEB faced many a unique challenge to make this electricity-for-all initiative a reality.
Permission of the forest department was another challenge and where it was not forthcoming, KSEB had no choice but to take the power lines on a detour through private lands.
The industrial houses, that have been given the option of purchasing the remaining 25 percent at higher rates from the KSEB, want restrictions to be imposed across the board instead of singling them out.
The restriction is applicable to High Tension (HT) and Extra High Tension (EHT) consumers drawing energy from KSEB's licensed power distributors such as the Technopark, Kinfra parks, Cochin Port Trust, Tata Tea in Munnar and various Special Economic Zones as well.
Any consumption above the quota would be charged at the actual cost at which the KSEB would buy power from expensive sources to make good the shortfall in power generation.
Now, KSEB authorities are going through the applications.
Based on the feasibility report, the board would be giving approval for the proposals, stated a KSEB official from Kochi.
The Soura project of KSEB aims to generate 500MW electricity by installing rooftop panels atop the buildings owned by consumers across the state.