KSECKernel Security
KSECKokusai Semiconductor Equipment Corporation (San Jose, CA)
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Secondly, we demonstrate the relationship between ESEC and KSEC.
of KSEC can be achieved by computing the eigenvectors of [?
2])) are random sampling points from any continuous probability distribution, then ESEC is an approximation of KSEC by discretizing the embedding function f(x) = [[summation].
Thus, we approximately derive the embedding function of ESEC from KSEC.
Consequently, ESEC has lower computational complexity than KSEC.
Similar out-of-sample method is also used for KSEC and SEC by using different embedding functions.
Logan KSEC won an additional 14 million contract from Kunming Airport to install what is believed to be the first intelligent destination coded vehicle (iDCV) baggage transit system in China.
Logan KSEC continues to build their portfolio of solutions.
It is the largest project to date for the joint venture between the UK's Logan Teleflex and China's KSEC (Kunming Ship Building Equipment Company).
This is an important win for the Logan KSEC joint venture.
This is major step forward for the Logan KSEC JV and it shows that our presence within China is bearing fruit.
Now other Chinese airports will be able to see precisely what we are able to offer from our local base and we are looking forward to gaining further projects for Logan KSEC," Mr Reynolds added.