KSFLKreative Structured Format Library (computer programming)
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The ratings are supported by a payment mechanism to ensure the fulfilment of the financial obligations on the rated instruments: under the guarantee, in the event of default on interest or principal by KSFL relating to bank facilities, the guarantor will make the necessary payments immediately on receipt of the notice of invocation of the guarantee by the bank.
KSFL was incorporated in December 2005 as a special-purpose vehicle under a joint venture (JV) agreement between Kribhco and Shyam Basic Infrastructure Projects Pvt Ltd (SBIPPL) to acquire the Shahjahanpur fertiliser complex of Oswal Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd.
When Eddie's chief competitors, Graft & Rob Broadcasting, unleash KSFL San Francisco Lite which threatens his ambition to become a coast-to-coast radio legend as a man with a particular flair for turning radio air-time into big-time cash money.