KSIAKorean Semiconductor Industry Association
KSIAKing Shaka International Airport (Durban, South Africa)
KSIAKorea Semiconductor Industry Association
KSIAKorea Software Industry Association (South Korea)
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These changes can be detected by means of the system consisting of large-scale interferential extensometers, vacuum and mobile quartz ones, gap gauges, a precise geometric levelling network, linear and angular measurements preformed with total station and satellite observations from GNSS KSIA and KSI1 stations (Fig.
KSIA yesterday released a statement rejecting the idea of a legal obligation to reduce rents, calling instead for tenants and landlords to come to a mutual agreement on a decrease in the rent.
Market conditions for months now have already imposed significant rent reductions while many properties are left vacant," said KSIA.
Currently KSIA has a terminal floor area of 103,000 square metres and a cargo area of 160,000 square metres.
In terms of support facilities, KSIA has administration offices, transit accommodation for tourists, an integrated agricultural export zone, an IT platform and floor space for 60 retail and car hire outlets.
Since autumn of 2010 GPS station KSIA has equipped with TurboRogue SNR-8000 receiver and Trimble D_M ChokeRing (TRM29659.
On the new GPS station KSI1 operates, removed from the KSIA station, Turbo-Rogue SNR-8000 receiver and Rogue Dorne-Margolin Choke Ring (AOAD/M_T) antenna without snow cover.
The chosen reference points must be situated at suitable distances in relation to the KSIA station and in azimuths which will satisfy the optimal possibility of tectonic phenomena modeling with consideration of the most probable directions of displacements;
PPP solutions in which there are no connections applied to the ground reference stations will make it possible to evaluate the influence of network structure used in the DD method for possible deformations of determined coordinates of KSIA station.
KSIA has also been in contact with the Association of Property Developers and the Cyprus Bar Association about the issue.
Until now, KSIA has given the government more or less a free pass on the title deeds issue other than occasional appearances at parliamentary committees to highlight the problem.