KSICKarnataka Silk Industries Corporation (India)
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71 Table 2 Industry Grouping by Evolution in TFPR Dispersion KSIC Industry description (left panel of Figure 3) 15 Food, beverages 18 Wearing apparel; fur 19 Leather; luggage, footwear 20 Wood, cork; plating materials 24 Chemicals, chemical products 25 Rubber, plastics products 28 Fabricated metal products 29 Machinery, equipment 32 Television, communication equipment 33 Medical, precision instruments; watches and clocks 36 Furniture KSIC Industry description (right panel of Figure 3) 16 Tobacco products 17 Textiles 21 Paper, paper products 26 Non-metallic mineral products 27 Basic metals 30 Office, computing machinery 31 Electrical machinery 34 Motor vehicles
Similar to our excessive market value measurement, we extract TQ of each parent firm from the averaged TQ of all domestic firms in the same industry at the two-digit KSIC to which the focal firm belongs.
Tenders are invited for Tender for Quarterly Procurement of Rice, Provision and Edible Oil for KSIC Ltd.