KSIPKosovo Standards Implementation Plan (est. 2003)
KSIPKansas Savings Incentive Program
KSIPKrajowy System Informacyjny Policji (Polish: National Police Information System; Poland)
KSIPKotak Safe Investment Plan (Mumbia, India)
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Provision of maintenance support for the central systems Police: KSIP, SNP, SPP and the PPU with a guaranteed repair time and provide a pool hours for activities related to the development of KSIP, NCCI, SNP, SA, SPP and PPU.
The contract is for the purchase of equipment maintenance services for the systems: KSIP, NCCI, CSD, ERCDS, SIO, synapses, FP, SWOP, GAZELA, SWLP, Data Communication Network CBSP, CHILD ALERT ZSODE, I24 / 7, AFIS, KSI, CODIS.
Migration of the National Police Information System (KSIP) on a new hardware platform, together with the separation of the secret part KSIP and construction Depot Center.