KSLOCKilo Source Lines of Code
KSLOCThousands of Source Lines of Code (software)
KSLOCKilo-SLOC (Thousand Source/Software Lines of Code)
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Albrecht provides another model, showing the relationship for his data between Cobol KSLOC and man-months.
Albrecht provides the following model for estimating Cobol SLOC from Function Points: IBM Cobol KSLOC = -6.
The estimated relationship between the actual KSLOC and the estimates is the following: ABC Cobol KSLOC = 6 + 1.
The results for the ABC were as follows: ABC Cobol KSLOC = -5.
Only KDSI and KSLOC did slightly worse, and these are not inputs to ESTIMACS.
In particular, readers should note the sensitivity of the regression models to project number 3, which, although almost exactly equal to project number 5 in its KSLOC count, is several times larger in its actual man-months figure.
The results for Function Points and Function Counts decreased to the 54-60 percent range, and the results for KSLOC and KDSI increased to the 56-59 percent range.