KSMAKentucky School Media Association
KSMAKurdish Scientific and Medical Association (est. 1988; London, UK)
KSMAKeats-Shelley Memorial Association (UK)
KSMAKachemak Shellfish Mariculture Association (Alaska)
KSMAKirov State Medical Academy (Russia)
KSMAKinosao Sipi Minisowin Agency (Canada; First Nations child and family services)
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Deep thanks go to the research team of the KSMA for their assistance with the collection of our material.
In late 1955 Draper discovered that several KSMA county medical societies had amended their by laws to allow them to deny membership to a physician for any reason.
Although the KSMA argued that its behavior was intended to ensure quality medical care for its members' patients, the real issue was fighting unwanted competition.
Such institutions denied their patients free choice of physician, but the KSMA had done nothing to correct the problem.
Throughout this controversy the KSMA never denied that the chain offered good medical care.
In retaliation for the fund's efforts, the KSMA attempted to have the Kentucky legislature ban all medical insurance agencies from operating in the state.
Even though KSMA operates on a very frugal budget, in January of 2013 the process of setting seed was attempted by two co- op employees at the Kachemak Mariculture Center.