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KSMEKorean Society of Mechanical Engineers (South Korea)
KSMEKorea Society of Mathematical Education
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The data show that the mixture of KSME and KME meets quality requirements for biodiesel fuel, so in this composition it was used for producing fuel to test the engine.
The presented data indicate that the mixtures containing KSME have characteristics slightly different from those containing RME and according to the main regulated characteristics of fuel for diesel engines, are in full compliance with the standard of biofuels.
The level of CO emission in low and medium load modes are the same when using D and its mixtures containing only RME (D70/RME30) and the mixtures containing KSME (D70/RME5/KSME17/KME8).
x] emission of the diesel engine operating on both fuel containing 30% of RME, pure RME and fuel containing KSME increases by 7 to 8% in the nominal power modes, compared with pure fossil diesel fuel (see Fig.
Diesel fuel cost-saving and traction characteristics of the engines operating on KSME and based on the new types of biofuels will be tested on the motor test stand.
Schultz, "A comparison study between Navier-Stokes equation and reynolds equation in lubricating flow regime," KSME International Journal, vol.