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KSMEKorean Society of Mechanical Engineers (South Korea)
KSMEKorea Society of Mathematical Education
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The subject of the order is the delivery of laboratory prototype sets and laboratory teaching sets for ksme and a set for measuring impedance spectra for kibm lmf weti pg.
The performed analysis on the quality of methyl esters from Camelina sativa oil (KSME) demonstrated that such methyl esters did not meet requirements for the standard LST EN 14214:2009 of the quality indicators of biodiesel fuel.
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P sec accordance Va ju m u a TVE Q R S a n a ss a n a ksme is a k l accordance t a, t a yes v a rp i e d a l t h i e s, or k u r a interested re s o the person.
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stationary, 1 pc monitor, peripherals and equipment for SOT and KSME, Part VI - Delivery
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