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Third, when a firm offers an employer match in company stock in a KSOP (the combination of an ESOPs and a 401(K) plan), dividends paid on that stock are tax deductible.
(4) Huberman and Sengmueller (2004) explain the differences between DC plans: a 401 (K) plan is a type of plan that allows employees' an elective contribution, and almost all DC plans are 401 (K) plans set up as profit sharing; a profit-sharing plan is a plan in which employer contributions vary year to year depending on the firm's profits, and voting rights of employer stock are not required to pass through to participants; a stock bonus plan is a plan in which employer contributions are matched with company stock; KSOP is a plan qualified to borrow money in which employees are allowed to choose one of the investment options on the menu and employers contribute with company stock.
This requirement does not hold for a KSOP. Neither plan, with or without an ESOP, is limited in the amount of matching contributions by the employer that may be directed into employer stock.
For employers who maintain a stand-alone 401(k) plan and who make contributions of employer stock to the plan, a KSOP also may lessen the fiduciary risk associated with the 401(k) plan holding such stock.
A matching contribution to a 401(k) plan or a KSOP in the form of newly issued shares of stock is deductible to the employer in the same way as a cash contribution.
First Mountain Company KSOP Kansas City January 25, 2000
In addition, the impact of the new rules would be the same if you use the leveraged ESOP to fund your 401(k) match in a KSOP arrangement.
Clearly, if your company is considering an ESOP or KSOP, or if it plans to refinance loans or acquire new shares of stock to allocate to an existing ESOP, it needs to move quickly.
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