KSPKerbal Space Program (game)
KSPKentucky State Police
KSPKey Storage Provider
KSPKeiwet Stream Protocol
KSPKnights of St. Patrick (University of Illinois)
KSPMachine Gun (Swedish military)
KSPKanagawa Science Park (Kanagawa, Japan)
KSPSolubility Product Constant
KSPKey Stone Project (Japan)
KSPKulang Sa Pansin (song)
KSPKarnataka State Police (India)
KSPKazusa Akademia Park (Japanese academic park)
KSPKSP Sound Player (audio player for Windows)
KSPKnowledge Sharing Project (various organizations)
KSPKanzaki Specialty Papers, Inc. (Japan)
KSPKiptopeke State Park (Virginia)
KSPKokusai Security Patrols (Japan)
KSPKorean Society for Parasitology
KSPKulangot Sa Pader
KSPKey Science Program
KSPKey Selling Point
KSPKey Service Provider
KSPKey Support Processes
KSPKilusang Bagong Lipunan (Philippines, New Society Movement)
KSPKey-event-driven Scenario Pattern
KSPKivi Sakset Paperi (Finnish: Rock Scissors Paper)
KSPKorešpondencný Seminár z Programovania (Correspondence Seminar in Programming)
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Bouis (London: Hamish Hamilton, 1979)]), Frolova-Walker cogently presents Shostakovich as being rather vociferous in his interventions at the KSP.
Established in 1973, KSP is a flexible packaging company specialised in the production of spouted and retort stand-up pouches for the food, pet food and beverage industries with its main manufacturing site near Seoul, South Korea and an interest in a plant near Bangkok, Thailand.
Adopt a Non-profit is set to launch for the 2015-16 year and KSP Technology plans to help even more organizations next year.
To the entire KSP community, who stood by us throughout the four years we've been developing the game, who believed in our crazy notion of a build-a-rocket-and-fly-it game, and who continuously supported us through good and bad times, from the humble beginnings of our weird little project, all the way through today, as we stand on the brink of this huge moment for the game, and to us.
The KSP powders are transparent upon application, combining the unique feel of silicone elastomer with optimal optical effects.
SMEDA is now evolving joint projects out of KSP Report for facilitation of local SMEs.
Keywords: Ispinesib, KSP inhibitors, amino acid, microwave.
Designed to connect students from all disciplines to scholarship early in their undergraduate careers, the KSP has already produced a significant change in the first-year seminar landscape.
Analysis of KSP Polonia Warszawa SSA general financial situation
College chiefs claim middle school teaching is below par but figures provided in the official report are slammed as "irrelevant" by KSP.
Expressing gratitude on Government of Korea's pragmatic approach to resolve the country development policy issues by sharing Korean strategy, he added that the KSP project is a proof of a genuine and long- live friendship between Korea and Pakistan.
KSP chief executive officer Fadhel al-Kazemi said that KSP has completed a 10,000sq m depot in Jordan and started operations to serve countries in the region, including Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.