KSPGKentucky Suicide Prevention Group
KSPGKentucky Society of Professional Geologists
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As KSPG is a supplier of a variety of components including pistons, pumps, valves, EGR systems, bearings, and the like, one might imagine that so far as Kleinert is concerned, any vehicle with an internal combustion engine--gasoline or diesel--is something he can get behind.
he says, then goes on to tell an anecdote about the experience of the cars in the KSPG fleet.
The KSPG Group is investing an eight-figure amount in the new construction project.
Stefan Knirsch, head of the KSPG Mechatronics division, to which Pierburg GmbH and Pierburg Pump Technology GmbH, also based in Neuss, both belong.
KSPG is developing a variety of technologies for vehicle manufacturers around the world to improve their fuel efficiency.
While KSPG offers developments at a component level, like a new compact exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve that operates via a gear-driven DC motor and uses a Hall sensor that magnetically determines valve position, it has also collaborated with FEV (fev.
In autumn 2000 the graduate engineer joined the Board of Managing Directors of KS Aluminium-Technologie, the KSPG division that specializes in the development and production of aluminum engine blocks and cylinder heads, taking over as Chairman in June 2001.
In appointing Binnig, the company is taking account of the increasing size and internationalization of its operations, and also rejuvenating the KSPG Group's top management on a timely basis.
On a fair booth of almost 100 square meters, KSPG will be showcasing products for emission reduction such as electric and pneumatic EGRs as well as EGR radiator modules for a Euro 4 application.
Only in October of this year, had KSPG taken over the plain bearing operations of Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.
In addition to the currently acquired activities KSPG is already manufacturing emission-control components and pumps for the Indian automotive industry at an own facility in Pune.
In the new corporate logo, the abbreviation KSPG is supplemented by the word 'Automotive.