KSQKellner Symptom Questionnaire (psychology)
KSQKey Skills Qualification (UK education)
KSQKingdom Seekers Quartet (religious music)
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Univariate analysis was used to test the difference in mean scores between day shift and non-day shift nurses for the KSQ and variables of interest.
Figures 2 through 4 present the results for the three subjects, JTR, KSQ, and MNG.
But recently, Stein replaced Scarano with KSQ Architects and unveiled a scaled-down plan.
KSQ Architects now has a new, singular company name, corporate identity and website.
KSQ Architects has been hired to design the building, after Scarano Architects was pulled from the project, according to Brownstoner.
One housing-related requirement is that at least two washer/ dryer sets in laundry facilities are placed side by side, rather than stacked, says Holly Beal, communications coordinator at KSQ Architects, which worked with Texas Christian University on its new Marion and Clark residence halls as well as other projects.
At the function, Indian Ambassador Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa lauded the efforts being made by KSQ to celebrate the cultural diversity of India by the hosting of such events.
Welcoming the guests, President of KSQ V S Mannangi vowed to make the next year's event even more colorful and vibrant.
in CETA Hostel at Kanpur under ADEN/HQI/ CNB(11/2014) (II) Repairs of Loco Hospital at Kanpur (62/2014) (III) Repairs of exterior & interior surface of CETA building under ADEN/HQI/ CNB ( 175/2013) and First time Electrification of staff Quarters at KTCE & KSQ.
A torch relay consisting of KSQ cricket chief coordinator, captains of winners of the last two editions of the tournament and a captain of the Qatar national cricket team followed the opening ceremony.
For the first time, the KSQ provided a common platform for other forums of people hailing from Karnataka in Qatar to hold collective programmes of their culturally rich southern state.