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KSRKim Stanley Robinson (novelist)
KSRKinase Suppressor of Ras
KSRKeyboard Send Receive
KSRKelly Scientific Resources (staffing; various locations)
KSRKentucky Sports Radio (Internet radio)
KSRKeyboard Send/Receive
KSRKosher (certification mark)
KSRKentucky State Reformatory
KSRKatori Shinto Ryu (martial arts)
KSRKernspinresonanz (German: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)
KSRKing's School Rochester (UK)
KSRKendall Square Research, Inc
KSRKorean Society of Rheology
KSRKorea Society of Raccoon
KSRKey Storage RAM (Random-Access Memory)
KSRKonstant-Strom-Regelung (German: regulation of constant current)
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Again, the holding is inconsistent with KSR if the court meant that the "lead compound" must be one that would be selected to satisfy the particular inventor's goal, such as making a commercial product.
the requirements for any obviousness analysis from KSR, which is that
KSR (UK) Ltd pleaded guilty to breaching work equipment regulations and was fined pounds 3,000 and also ordered to pay pounds 8,000 costs.
Prior to KSR, the Federal Circuit had crafted a rule known as the 'Teaching, Suggestion or Motivation' test (the 'TSM' test) that it applied to obviousness determinations.
For a patent case, the facts in KSR are relatively straightforward.
Before KSR, the Federal Circuit combated the risk of hindsight bias
6,237,565, for a device of that sort, and sued after General Motors chose KSR as a supplier of adjustable pedal systems for Chevrolet and GMC light trucks, whose engines included computer-controlled throttles.
The KSR opinion states: "Any need or problem known in the field of endeavor at the time of invention and addressed by the patent can provide a reason for combining the elements in the manner claimed.
In late April 2007, SCOTUS released its decision in KSR International Co.
Item PN NSN Right-angle coupler KDS (no NSN) Needlepoint coupler KDN 4930-01-104-8867 Flexible extension KDF21 4930-01-103-8203 Filler adapter J65 4930-01-103-7585 Grease coupler KY 4930-01-104-4617 3-in needlepoint coupler KZSNR 4930-01-105-1560 8-in rigid extension KDE8 4930-0t-103-8207 Hypodermic needle coupler KZHY 4930-01-104-4597 Long needlepoint coupler KZDXL 4930-01-103-9127 Flashlight FL2222 6230-01-178-9039 Long needlepoint only DXL 4930-01-103-9126 13-in flexible extension KDF13 4930-00-796-8708 1/4-in 28 extractor EXT1428 (no NSN) 1/8-in 18 extractor EXT (no NSN) Needlepoint coupler KZD 4930-01-104-0936 Right-angle coupler KDR 4930-01-103-8204 Long zerk coupler KZX 4930-01-103-8206 Buttonhead coupler KGR 4930-01-103-8209 Buttonhead coupler KSR 4930-01-103-8208
Audrey McCulloch-Aziz, who heads up KSR in the UK, said: "The North-East has a greater concentration of science-related business than many other parts of the UK.