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KSRMKinematic Self-Replicating Machines (book)
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Such permission may not have been given.Meherul Karim, Chief Executive of KSRM has said that Taka three lakhs would be given to families of each of the deceased, in addition to their burial costs.
KSRM Radio Group GM Matt Wilson stated, "KSRM Radio Group is proud to team with Tacher to represent us on the national stage.
The KSRM President, Muhammad Farooq Wani, in a statement in Srinagar lauded the role of Muslims of the Valley during communal clashes in Jammu region.
KSRM milling cutters deliver consistent performance and excellent metal removal rates with the lowest cutting forces for roughing applications.
All KSRM inserts offer up to eight indexable positions for fast and accurate insert changes.
Knowledge enabled relationship management in CRM, PRM and SRM are respectively referred to as KCRM, KPRM and KSRM. As described in Eppler et al.