KSRPKarnataka State Reserve Police (Karnataka, India)
KSRPKitakyushu Science and Research Park (Waseda University; Kitakyushu City, Japan)
KSRPKent Special Riding Program (therapeutic horseback riding; Alto, MI)
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KSRP developed a unique technology of modifying nitrile butadiene rubber at the latex stage, which implies adding DBEA in emulsion form to the polymer at the latex stage before coagulation.
The agreement follows the signing of a cooperation accord between the parties for establishing a joint venture that will produce nitrile rubbers using KSRP's capacities.
The KH-type splicing regulator protein (KSRP, also known as KHSRP) recognises G-rich regions, including a GGG triplet, present within the terminal loops of a subset of pri-miRNAs, to promote Drosha/DGCR8-mediated processing [42].
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In order to ensure free and fair counting of votes, 50,000 Police personnel have been deployed across Karnataka, with 11000 men, including one Rapid Action Force company and 20 KSRP companies posted across Bengaluru alone.
As many as 13,000 policemen, along with the personnel of the Garud Commando Force, 30 platoons of the Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) and 20 platoons of the City Armed Reserve (CAR), will be deployed in the sensitive and the hypersensitive areas."
Retired Karnataka Police chief, RK Dutta who had served for the post for 10 months was given a grand farewell at KSRP grounds in Koramangala on Tuesday.