KSSGKennedy School Student Government (Harvard University; Cambridge, MA)
KSSGKnowledge Support Systems Group (US and UK)
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j] KSSG multifractal dipole and the total frequency number is n = i + 3, i = 1, 2 .
Heretofore, we can conclude that proportional coefficient [delta] of contiguous resonant frequencies of the KSSG multifractal dipole is very approximate to fractal scale factor [delta] = [x.
1] KSSG dipole manifests remarkable multifractal impedance property, significant size reduction and enhanced radiation patterns with Koch-like fractal's iterative i growing, as shown in Fig.
j] KSSG multifractal dipole has more uniform and consistent impedance property and further size reduction than its component monofractal counterparts [K.
1] KSSG doesn't degrade in performance like bandwidth, gain and efficiency as the conclusions drawn for Koch monopole in [18].
1] KSSG also has more uniform input impedances than [K.
1] KSSG operates as a times half-wavelength dipole with half arm length of [L.
2] KSSG operates as a half-wavelength dipole, [[gamma].