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KSSMKein Schwein Schreibt Mir (German: no pork writes to me)
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From Table 5, the RMSE and NRMSE of metamodels using sampling method SOSM are smaller than the sequential sampling methods CV and KSSM for functions 1-5.
In order to represent the advantages and disadvantages of different sequential sampling methods adequately, the twenty times of metamodels accuracy results (RMSE and NRMSE) and global minimum [f.sub.min] with sequential sampling methods, that is, SOSM, CV, KSSM, and SLE, are illustrated in Figures 17-19 with the help of boxplot.
From the results shown in Figures 17 and 18, it is found that the median values of RMSE and NRMSE basedon SOSM are smaller compared to CV and KSSM for functions 1-5.
It is obvious from Figure 19 that the median value of SOSM, CV, and KSSM is probably equal to the actual global minimum [f.sub.min].