KSSPKerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad (India)
KSSPKey Skills Support Programme (Learning and Skills Improvement Service; UK)
KSSPKinship Supportive Services Program (California)
KSSPKorean Society of Sport Psychology (South Korea)
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The deficiencies in the KSSP led the FDA to remove all South Korean certified shippers of molluscan shellfish from the ICSSL on May 1.
In the KSSP study of 1987 it was reported that among the poor 51 per cent smoked beedi compared to 19 per cent in the better off group.
The objective of groups like KSSP, HSTP, and other such groups is to develop a critical scientific attitude that puts inherited knowledge to the test of empirical evidence.
The KSSP created popular committees to energize and involve villagers in all 860 rural wards of the District as well as in the municipal wards.
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) bestowed its 1990 literacy award on the KSSP.
The KSSP aided efforts to install high-efficiency stoves throughout India.
KSSP engineers have developed a stove - the Parishat 21 - with two main burners and one auxiliary burner with 25 percent combined burning efficiency.
KSSP activists use these seminars to generate enthusiasm for the chulahs while scientists hear user complaints that lead to design improvements.
Using its repertoire of jathas, artistic performances, lectures and respect for consumers, KSSP and IRTC have accounted for more than half of the 200,000 new stoves installed in Kerala since the early 1980s.
KSSP activists see the project as a logical extension of the total literacy campaign: the People's Resource Mapping Program is an attempt to create land literacy.