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KSTARKorea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research
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The classifiers, which take a long time to build the model, are neural network, SVM and simple logistic On the other hand, some classifier takes a long time with evaluating the test set on the model like KStar. Fig.
KSTAR allows Engility to help the government evaluate high-end next-generation weapon system concepts for the next 5 years.
When the features were selected using Best First and Linear Forward Selection an accuracy of 73%, sensitivity of 72.8%, and specificity of 30.1% was achieved using the Kstar classifier (Table 4).
(iii) We utilized five forecast methods including Random Forest, RBF Network, Kstar, IBK (KNN), and Random Tree via five evaluation indices.
Beginning March 24, the 6th Program Advisory Committee (PAC) for KSTAR met for three days to review plans for the 2014 experimental campaign.
Classifier Australian German AIRS1: Weka version of [66] 83.2 68.71 AIRS2: Weka version of [66] 84.41 69.64 AIRS as conventional AIS [9] 85.2 71.3 CCS-FAIS [55] 80.7 71.1 CLONALG: Weka version of [59] 82.22 66.42 CSCA * 84.78 70.17 DMNBtext 82.58 69.99 DTNB 85.41 71.52 FAIS [30] 85.51 72 Immunos-1 * 76.12 61.38 Immunos-99 * 76.72 63.67 LibSVM 85.51 70.98 LWL 85.51 70 Kstar 78.88 69.89 PART 83.32 70.11 SAIS [9] 85.2 75.4# SMO with RBFKernel 85.51 70 IFAIS using simple memory 86.52@ 72.3 IFAIS using 3-layer memory 87.83# 74.9@ The results have been obtained using Weka machine learning tool.
Her wrestling portraits and promotional posters are currently used by Perry Barrbased Kstar Wrestling, and Clare has set her sights on a permanent career by the ringside after completing her studies.
The complete line includes three KStar and four QStar portables, 24 QuietMasters, 12 TwinTemps, 11 WallMasters, one casement and one slider-casement.
Air Force Research Laboratory in its Kinetic Kill Hardware-in-the-Loop (KHILS) Simulation Technology for Advanced Research (KSTAR) program.
In addition, an R&D collaboration has been underway at the superconducting Korean tokamak KSTAR since 2009 to learn more about compensating the electromagnetic fields.
PROFESSIONAL wrestling returns to Kingstanding in Birmingham on Saturday, when Kstar wrestling hosts its second show at the Perry Common British Legion club.
At the July 20-21, 2017 Board of Nursing (Board or BON) quarterly meeting, the Board approved the Knowledge, Skills, Training, Assessment, and Research (KSTAR) Nursing Program as a permanent practice remediation option for nurses who receive a Board order for practice breakdown and meet eligibility criteria set forth by Board Rule 213.35.