KSTFKnowles Science Teaching Foundation (Moorestown, NJ)
KSTFKARADEA (Karagwe Development Association) Solar Training Facility (Karagwe, Tanzania)
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For example, KSTF provides financial support for a group of KSTF fellows and their colleagues in the Washington, D.
For example, KSTF supports a group of senior fellows to study engineering design and develop materials and resources for educators to help students apply science knowledge in the classroom and engage in engineering practices.
Furthermore, KSTF is working to leverage its teacher network to identify, study, and understand pressing problems in education, as well as develop, implement, and test solutions to those problems across a wide variety of contexts.
The cadre of backbone teachers that KSTF has developed energizes and strengthens the network, improving the overall quality of STEM instruction across these disparate structures.
Heather Buskirk, a KSTF senior fellow, hasn't let the fact that she is the only physics teacher in her small upstate New York district keep her from sharing her practice broadly with her colleagues by leading KSTF-supported workshops on inquiry, project-based learning, and differentiated instruction in her district and beyond.