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KSTLKansas Student Technology Leaders
KSTLKonfederasaun Sindicatu Timor Lorosa'e (Indonesian: East Timor Trade Union Confederation)
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I also could have been more prepared by loading a waypoint for KSTL into the jet and putting a copy of the TACAN approach for runway 30L in my flight bag.
Some have returned to work for Chubb, where, according to KSTL, company staff has warned rehired workers not to engage in union activity.
In the meantime, KSTL has taken its case against Chubb to the Dili District Court, where it is now being heard.
In fact, just before KSTL signed on, management told St.
Several years later, in 1956, KSTL's programming included farm reports with Charley Stookey, livestock market reports, the Johnny Rion Western DJ show, Harry Wahlgren's specialized weather reports and Tony Glenn's daily mobile transmitter show.
KSTL wasn't a particularly glamorous place to work in 1953.
This allowed KSTL to turn a profit, although the Carson's sponsorship forbade any ads for competitive products like furniture and jewelry.
KSTL became the top country station in the market, and the station's studios were moved out of the quonset hut and into an office on Laclede's Landing.
When the station's inaugural broadcast was heard on June 4, 1948, it was under a different set of call letters, KSTL. Studios were located on the mezzanine level of the American Hotel at Seventh and Market Streets downtown.
On the other hand, we will not be too highbrow or longhair...Our announcers will introduce the programs and musical numbers with a minimum of chatter." KSTL reportedly showed a profit after four months of operation
Employees from other stations in the market were hired: Brad Harrison from KMOX became the KSTL news director, and Edward Galloway from WEW was appointed musical director.
On the local AM dial there's KJSL (630), KSTL (690), KFUO (850), KXEN (1010), WRYT (1080), KSIV (1320), KSLG (1380), KIRL (1460) and KATZ (1600).