KSZKruispuntbank van de Sociale Zekerheid (Dutch: Crossroads Bank for Social Security; Belgium)
KSZKotlas (Russia)
KSZKyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger (Japanese TV series)
KSZKatholische Sozialwissenschaftliche Zentralstelle (German: Central Catholic Social Science)
KSZKapuskasing Structural Zone (Canada)
KSZKenge Shear Zone (Canada)
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integral] min {[f.sub.T] ([x.sub.1], ..., [x.sub.n]), [f.sub.B] ([x.sub.i], ..., [x.sub.n])}[dx.sub.i], ..., [dx.sub.n] ETB = [absolute value of E(T) - E(B)] Target versus background entropy KSZ Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic Local metrics LTBC Local target to background contrast LTIR Local target interference ratio LSNR Local signal-to-noise ratio LETB Local target versus background entropy LKSZ Local Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic Target specific metrics TSD Target standard deviation ENT Target entropy POT Pixels on target P 2/A Perimeter squared over area ATES Average target edge strength ESD Target edge standard deviation Table 2.
Proposed in 1972 by Russian physicists Rashid Sunyaev and Yakov Zel'dovich, the kSZ effect results when the hot gas in galaxy clusters distorts the cosmic microwave background radiation - which is the glow of the heat left over from the Big Bang - that fills our universe.