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385-530 IOL Khot transcription (and translation) in Skjaervo 2002 KT3 Khotanese Texts III in Bailey 1969 KhSuf Degener 1989 Neb E.
Overall, the KT3 has all the right stuff you would look for in a soundly designed, medium-size hunting knife.
I tested the Teague KT3 on a wide range of materials to see how it would handle each.
Due to its average size the KT3 won't hack you out of dense forest, but this cutter can handle a lot of chores around the camp.
The KT3 supports AMD's Duron Athon and Athlon XP processors from 600MHz beyond the 2GHz mark.
RAM is cheap at the moment and the KT3 has three memory slots that can accommodate up to 3GB of the latest super-fast DDR RAM.
The latest graphics cards will get a chance to shine in the KT3 and the integrated high-quality sound card means you won't need to buy an extra plug-in audio card.
Christian Solidarity International can be contacted at PO Box 99, New Malden, Surrey KT3 3YF, U.
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Blackfast Chemicals, 78 Coombe Road, New Malden KT3 4QS